Reaction to the decision not to prosecute Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston was coming in Thursday afternoon.   The prosecutor in Tallahassee, Willie Meggs, said he did not have enough evidence to charge Winston.   Meggs says the woman had memory lapses.   A 19-year old student accused the former Hueytown High School QB of assauting her, at an off-campus apartment in Tallahassee last December.   Winston's attorney, Tim Jansen, said he spoke with Winston following the announcement, and described him as "very happy."   Jansen described the encounter as a "consenual act."   Former Hueytown coach Matt Scott said he never doubted Winston's innocence.   The accuser and her family released a statement expressing appreciation to the prosecutor for investigating, after what they say was an "inordinate delay" by the Tallahassee police department.