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7 Ways Women Can Close the Wage Gap

7 Ways Women Can Close the Wage Gap
Posted January 17th, 2014 @ 7:51am

- When entering the workforce, know your expectant wage.  If offered the position at a lower wage, secure yourself in that position; however, let your superior know your expectant wage and that you will prove your worth.  Then ask for more money. If you don't get what you deserve, follow through with the promise to yourself and find another job.  Chances are your current employer will pay to keep you.

- Keep accurate record of how you are saving the company money throughout the year and present this to your employer when being reviewed.  It's important to be sincere not bitchy

- Upon entering the workforce, have a secured support system. (families, neighbors, husband, nanny/child care)  Ensure your employer that you have a high level of dedication and that will not be missing work due to family issues.

-  When interviewing, don't be afraid to say, "listen I really want (NOT NEED) this job and will work hard to prove my worth." That is not vulnerability, it is assertiveness.

- Be passionate about your work and happy with your own performance.  It's addictive to others around you.  Genuinely, love what you do or stop doing it!

- I would rather hire a woman with the exact same or even slightly lesser qualifications than a man and have her prove me wrong.

-  If a woman wants to be treated and paid the same as a man, then don't give any ammunition for your employer to do so.  Don't ever use the 'single mother' card. No one gives a damn.

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