1. They began as a solo project.
2. The name of the band derives from Bastille Day.
3. The band initially included two other musicians on violin and cello.
4. The band is from London.
5. Their single Pompeii has sold two million copies around the world.
6. They just returned from a sold out American tour.
7. Their latest single ”Pompeii“ hit No 2 and those YouTube views are now at 15 million.
8. "Pompeii" tells the story of the ancient Roman town being buried in volcanic ash.
9. The hit, ‘Pompeii’, is the hold music when you call his label, Virgin
10. The United Kingdom is not known for its Mexican food options, but that is beginning to change, he said.

“There’s a place called Oaxaca – with a ‘W’ – W-A-H-A-C-A,” he said. “It started in London, and started growing and growing as a chain. That food is amazing. Some places are not so good.”

The band means business when it comes to Mexican food – at the merch tables, fans can find Bastille Hot Sauce.