Falen's Something Good:  The first dog to climb Mt. Everest that rescued from India.  Read the story and see the super cute pictures. 
Dave's Something Good:  A guy in Des Moines, Iowa woke up early Tuesday morning when his dog started barking and jumping on him.  Then he realized why . . . when he saw FLAMES spreading across the room.  So he ran to a neighbor's house and called 911.  Then he realized his dog wasn't with him . . . so he ran BACK into the burning house and returned the favor by saving the DOG'S life.

Steve-O's Something Good:  Hundreds come to pay respects for WW2 soldier who died alone.  The 99 year-old man had no family and the funeral home director only expected a few staff members from the nursing home and maybe a distant relative.  After a plea in the newspaper hundreds hundreds came to show their respect.