We decided to put a list together of our top 20 moments, ever do this? Just sit down for a few minutes and think about what yours are. Here's ours:

Steve-O's Moments
1. Marriage
2. Birth of Children
3. First job
4. First job in radio
5. Starring as the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz
6. Flying with the BLue Angels
7. Buying my first car without parents help
8. Being able to fry a turkey
9. Buy an engagement ring
10. Associates degree
11. Changed a light
12. Went to Hawaii
13. Job at a radio station
14. Went to a party with the Backstreet Boys
15. Moved out of state
16. Ran a 10k
17. Started on varsity volleyball team
18. Spoke in front
19. Working at Boy Scout Camp in the Adirondacks
20. First time to Las Vegas

Dave's Moments
1. Born
2. Signed up for radio and TV courses at Pikes Peak Community College
3. Got my first job at a radio station.
4. Graduated from high school.
5. Got a job at a top 40 radio station.
6. Kissed a girl for the first time.
7. Enjoyed the lovin' for the first time
8. Got my very first apartment.
9. Moved to Las Vegas to do my first morning show ever.
10. Met Susan
11. Got fired for the first time.
12. Moved to Minneapolis to work at KDWB
13. Bought my first house.
14. Got my pilot's license
15. Watched the Broncos win the Super Bowl for the first time
16. Got married
17. Was accepted into MENSA
18. Started riding motorcycles
19. Joined Toastmasters
20. Won a Marconi Award

Falen's Moments
1. Riding a bike for the first time.
2. First trip to disneyworld
3. Winning the elementary spelling bee
4. My first concert-hanson
5. Winning prom queen
6. Moving out on my own to college
7. Starting in radio
8. Winning my first radio award
9. Getting my first show
10. Flying for the first time
11. Getting my first tattoo
12. Graduating college
13. Getting my first dog
14. Getting my first morning show
15. Heartbreak
16. Getting the KDWB job
17. Meeting Paul
18. Skydiving
19. Getting engaged to Paul
20. Niece and Nephew being born