Last Monday, my wife and I boarded a Sun Country flight to Maya Riviera, Mexico and spent five days living it up.  Mexico is an interesting country because it most definitely has its problems but in the area we stayed in seemed to be light years away from any problems.  Amazing beaches, coral reefs, service and Mayan temples.  I'll admit we spent a ton of time just hanging out on the beach because it's vacation, that's what you do on vacation but I think we did enough so we could learn a little about the culture and history of Mexico.  

I LOVED our trip to see the Mayan ruins at Tulum, built in 564, much of the city is still standing atop a 12 meter cliff on the Atlantic Ocean.  It's amazing to think that many of the rock buildings and a few or the carvings still exist.  The city was surrounded by giant walls (8-10 feet high) and the entire city was built one rock at a time.  The city was used by the Mayan people as a hub for trading and the beach below is where canoes would land.  It really is incredible to think a group of people that is now extinct were able to complete such an incredible feat.  


Later that day we went snorkeling at Akumal Beach.  You can walk in from the white sandy beach and start snorkeling. Fish, Sea Turtles and beautiful coral are just a few of the things you will see.  The sea turtles are the most amazing part, we saw 6-7 during our 45 minute snorkel and none of them our in captivity, this is their home. It really was an incredile trip, see some of the pics from my trip below.