Reports: Over 10 killed in Lee County by Tornadoes


Over than 10 people have been killed by two tornadoes that hit Lee County Sunday afternoon, according to the Lee County sheriff.

No details about the locations or circumstances of the deaths were immediately given by the Sherriff’s office.

Most of the damage was near Beauregard, and there were two confirmed fatalities in that area according the Alabama EMA.

Family members on the scene have confirmed that an 8-year-old girl in Beauregard is among the dead.

EMA officials said they are still assessing the damage and injuries in the Beauregard area and lots of first responders are on the scene.

The Lee County EMA is asking residents to avoid damaged areas, especially Lee Road 38 and Lee Road 39. Also, Lee Road 166 at Lee Road 40 and Lee Road 165 at Lee Road 40 are closed and will remain closed until damage assessments are made.


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