This Is The Best Restaurant Chain In Alabama

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A Birmingham based eatery is being credited as the best restaurant chain in Alabama.

Mashed compiled a list of the best restaurant chain in every U.S. state, which included Milo's as the top choice coming out of Alabama.

"When Milo Carlton returned to Birmingham, Alabama, after serving in the United States Army, he used his experience as a mess cook to open a restaurant in 1946," Mashed's Kori Ellis wrote. "More than 70 years later, Milo's is the place in Alabama to go for highly-rated burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, beloved sweet tea, and all the other yummies that can be found on their menu. Their most famous menu item is the Milo's Original Burger that features a grilled beef patty, onions, pickles, and a secret sauce on a grilled bun. Milo's has 21 locations — all of which are in the state of Alabama."

Mashed's full list of the best restaurant chain in every state is listed below:

  1. Alabama- Milo's
  2. Alaska- Great Alaska Pizza Company
  3. Arizona- Bobby Q's Restaurant
  4. Arkansas- Slim Chickens
  5. California- In-N-Out Burger
  6. Colorado- Garbanzo
  7. Connecticut- Duchess
  8. Delaware- Waybacks Burgers
  9. Florida- PDQ
  10. Georgia- Waffle House
  11. Hawaii- Zippy's
  12. Idaho- Big Jud's
  13. Illinois- Harold's Chicken Shack
  14. Indiana- Schoop's Hamburgers
  15. Iowa- Maid-Rite
  16. Kansas- Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que
  17. Kentucky- Fazoli's
  18. Louisiana- Raising Cane's
  19. Maine- Otto
  20. Maryland- Chaps Pit Beef
  21. Massachusetts- Tasty Burger
  22. Michigan- Big John's Steak & Onion
  23. Minnesota- MyBurger
  24. Mississippi- Ward's
  25. Missouri- Lion's Choice
  26. Montana- The Pickle Barrel
  27. Nebraska- Runza
  28. Nevada- PT's Taverns
  29. New Hampshire- Moe's Italian Sandwiches
  30. New Jersey- Jersey Mike's
  31. New Mexico- Blake's Lotaburger
  32. New York- Xi'an Famous Foods
  33. North Carolina- Cook Out
  34. North Dakota- Burger Time
  35. Ohio- Gold Star
  36. Oklahoma- Braum's
  37. Oregon- Burgerville
  38. Pennsylvania- Quaker Steak & Lube
  39. Rhode Island- Providence Coal Fired Pizza
  40. South Carolina- Rush's
  41. South Dakota- The Millstone
  42. Tennessee- Pal's Sudden Service
  43. Texas- Whataburger
  44. Utah- Arctic Circle
  45. Vermont- Grazers
  46. Virginia- Biscuitville
  47. Washington- Taco Time Northwest
  48. West Virginia- Tudor's Biscuit World
  49. Wisconsin- Culver's
  50. Wyoming- Taco John's

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