John Bolton Is Just the Next Blasey Ford

RUSH: So yesterday, Bolton comes out, does his thing. You know, one of his former chiefs of staff -- Fred Fleitz, I think is his name -- has called on Bolton to withdraw the book, says that it's shameful, dangerous and inexplicable. Fred Fleitz, John Bolton's former chief of staff.

Fred Fleitz "wrote an op-ed calling for Bolton to withdraw the book from circulation. Fleitz said, 'I don't need the need for a former national security adviser to publish a tell-all book critical of a president he served during a presidential election campaign that's gonna determine the fate of the country. There will be a time for Bolton to speak out without appearing to try to tip a presidential election.'

"Fred Fleitz also said, 'Presidents have to be able to candidly consult with their advisers without worrying they're gonna leak these discussions for the media or get high dollar book contracts to publish them. This book may set a dangerous precedent since it could discourage future presidents from seeking advice from expert advisers on sensitive national security matters.'" You know, as I have shared with you over the course of the many years that I've hosted this program, this whole notion of advisers has really been a big bugaboo with me.

The whole notion of advisers and strategists on the premise the candidate has no idea what he thinks, the candidate has no idea what his policy is, so he needs some advisers? Of course, there's a big push from the establishment class to get adviser in there. This is what happened to Trump during his campaign. He didn't have a foreign policy team. He was running the campaign, it's early on, and everybody says, "You need some foreign policy advisers!"

Trump said, "Why? I know what I want my foreign policy to be."

"Well, you just... You need advisers. Every campaign needs advisers!"

So he went out and hired a bunch of people. One of them was Papadopoulos -- and he never met him, didn't know what Papadopoulos was. Papadopoulos ended up being chosen by the FBI and the deep state to run a scam to try to implicate Trump in the Russia collusion story. Bolton was put in there. Bolton was there because people convinced Trump, "Hey, for your credibility you need somebody that your voters like.

"You need somebody in there that's really tough, really pro-America, really isn't gonna take any guff. He's really gonna do your bidding for us." So he goes out and gets Bolton. And then for whatever reason I think, Bolton... The story I got is that Bolton wanted to expand our military presence in various places, which goes counter to Trump policy -- and then the usual allegations that Bolton was leaking. I think everybody in the Trump White House leaks or has at one point or another.

So Bolton gets fired, doesn't like getting fired, says he didn't get fired, says he resigned. Trump says, "No, I fired him. He wasn't doing what I wanted him to do." So now here we will with a tell-all book timed... I mean, the timing of this release, this anonymously sourced release? Nobody that's reported on this has even seen the manuscript yet. There's a second edition to the Bolton story now.

It's that Bill Barr, the attorney general, reportedly told Bolton he was really worried, really worried that Trump's out there giving aid and comfort to dictators in Turkey and I forget the other country. Trump's out there; he's making it easy for these dictators to be dictators. Trump adviser these dictators. Trump likes dictators. Trump is very friendly with dictators, loves Xi Jinping in China, loves the dictators.

So now the story is that Trump himself is a wannabe dictator and that Bolton's book establishes this. Bill Barr is out there saying, "This didn't happen. That conversation never happened." There's also an alleged conversation with Mulvaney about something similar; Mulvaney's denying that that conversation ever happened. So yesterday when the Bolton thing hit, of course, I compared it to Kavanaugh and the timing.

Here comes the Drive-By Media -- who hate Bolton! Any day of the week, they have hated Bolton. They have accused Bolton of being a misogynist. They've accused him of being mean-spirited to women. They've attacked him for having a mustache. They've attacked him for being an autocrat. They've said Bolton is an out-of-control military hawk, can't wait to blow up the world. They hate guy!

But now? Now they love the guy. So this morning on CNN's Newsroom. There's a little report about the blowback against or Bolton that occurred yesterday.

SARA MURRAY: "It's certainly safe to say that his stock has fallen with the Republican Party. Here is just a look at some of those attacks. Senator Rand Paul called him "a disgruntled employee." Uh, Senator Josh Hawley called him, "not a firsthand witness," which is confusing because, actually, he is a firsthand witness. Uh, Senator John Barrasso had to say, "There's nothing new here; he's just trying to sell books." Rush Limbaugh, of course, weighed in, calling Bolton "disloyal."

RUSH: That last name in: "Rush Limbaugh, of course, weighed in, calling Bolton 'disloyal.'" Well, what would you call it? And now there are stories everywhere that people that end up working for Trump all hate his guts, and people that work for Trump realize how dangerous Trump is, and people that work for Trump realize how out-of-control and unsophisticated and ignorant that Donald Trump is -- and so they have to go out and leak to protect the country.

They have to go out and leak. They have to let everybody know how dangerous things are for the United States right now in the world because Donald Trump is president. Meanwhile, everywhere you look and in any measure of United States strength, United States ability to project power, we are at a peak high. Our economy is stronger and more resilient than it has been in 50 years.

There are more people working. There are fewer people unemployed, both in real-term numbers and statistically percentage-wise, than in 50 years. There has been simply a massive reversal of fortunes for the United States of America in areas that make a difference for the general population of this country, and these people just for some reason cannot stand it, and it shows no signs of ending.


RUSH: Here's Greg in Atlanta. Great to have you, sir. I'm glad you called, and I'm glad you held on and be patient. Hello.

CALLER: Oh, thanks, Rush. Longtime listener, first-time caller. So I wanted your take on this Bolton business, because nobody on the left or the right has really talked about it, and that is we're gonna find out real quick what Bolton knows (chuckles), either through his testimony or his book. If it's not corroborated through any other witnesses or people or evidence, it's a he said/he said thing. And what will happen, at the Kavanaugh trial or thousand years (chuckling) of due process has taught us anything, you can't give Trump a parking tickets for that never mind impeach a president. We're gonna impeach a president because John Bolton said so or anyone else, for that matter?

RUSH: Let me... Wait a minute. Let me see if I understand what you're saying. So all we have right now is an anonymous source claiming to have seen the manuscript in which John Bolton says that President Trump told him that he wanted to withhold the aid until Ukraine did an investigation. So your question is, "Okay. When the book comes out, and if that is verified, if that's what Bolton actually says, but then over here Trump is denying, then it's he said/he said. If there's nobody around to corroborate Bolton's claim, then you're asking how the hell can we impeach or convict the president because of that?"

CALLER: That is absolutely correct. He's already been... Bill Barr has already refuted in the Justice Department what he said between those two. And, you know, selling a book doesn't lend any kind of credibility to him on top of that. But I'm just saying, you need more than just, "Hey, believe me, folks. It's just because I said so."

RUSH: Well --

CALLER: I mean, isn't that Kavanaugh all over again?

RUSH: -- you gotta look at the objective of the people that made this happen, and this would be whoever leaked it and the New York Times. So what is their objective here? The objective... We must say -- we have to -- the objective has never been truth, because they've never been right about anything. They lied to us about Blasey Ford story, Kavanaugh.

The whole Trump-Russia collusion thing was one lie after another, never anything substantiated. There was no crime, there wasn't any collusion, none of it. So there's no truth here, either that can be firmly established. Dershowitz said yesterday, "Even if what Bolton said happened, happened, there's nothing in it that is impeachable!" So what is the objective that's behind this? That's the real question.

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