A manhunt was underway in Homewood Monday, following an armed robbery.    A man robbed a couple at gunpoint at the Motel 6 on Vulcan Road, police said.   The crook then ran across the street to the Super 8 motel, according to detectives.    "As officers ... went to the Super 8 ... he jumped out the window, ran from the officers," said Homewood police Sgt. Andrew Didcoct.   "We set up a perimeter, Birmingham K-9 came to the scene, and traced him across the street to the Motel 6, to two rooms, we held the perimeter until our tactical team got here, made entry into the rooms, and he was not in any of the rooms."  The suspect was described as black, 5'9", 160 pounds, wearing a black shirt with red stripes.   


Photo:  Courtesy WBRC, Fox 6