My four year-old, Olivia was born with something called Kidney reflux and yesterday we took the steps necessary to fix it at Children's hospital in Minneapolis.  The surgery was a success but I'm still trying to workout my feelings because it was not a very good experience.  

We went to Children's yesterday morning, everyone we initially met was incredibly nice and patient working with a four year-old little girl afraid of doing something she didn't totally understand.  They did give her something to help keep her calm and maybe loopy that she ended up spitting out and things kind of went down hill from there.  

She was obviously nervous and after she spit out the meds they didn't give her more.  She was definetly scared but was willing to walk down to the operating room which is when I took my favorite and the most heartbreaking picture.  

When she got down to the operating room she really started to cry and they had to hold her down and put the gas mask on to get her to sleep.  A few minutes after the procedure was done, the anastesologist did apologize for how they had to get her to sleep and while it was really tough for Kristy to watch, I think it's sometimes part of the deal.  

40 minutes later, she woke up upset and scared, ready to go home and then we ran into the nurse with the worst bedside manner ever.  The nurse came in a few minutes after Olivia was brought to the room and was incredibly short with both Olivia and us.  After 20-30 minutes of us trying to get Olivia totally calmed down because all she wanted to do was go home, I went to the the pharmacy to pick up a perscription and was met by Kristy and Olivia in the hallway because I guess Nurse Ratched needed us out.  We left without seeing the doctor, he had stopped by once when she was upset but never came back.  Here's where I'm torn, the people who work at hospitals are SAINTS, the nurses and doctors who works with kids have to put up with a lot of challenges.  The nurses and patient services people we had before the procedure were great but the post experience was something I found really irritating.  My wife, Kristy was really upset having to see Olivia forced down but she's even more upset about the experience with the people at the hospital.  In the moment, she was upset and I was trying to be calm and business cordial during the process.  Maybe this post is the only way I can get out my frustration.  Let's just hope we can now close the chapter on this experience.  

At home she was much better, she did get sick once around dinner time but overall, she's back to normal.