Meet Sarah, today's 'What Does That Listener Look Like?' - she's a huge fan of the show, and here's what she had to tell us about herself:

"Hello! My name is Sarah (obviously) and I am a huge fan of the show. My only special talent is winning things on KDWB! I can't wait for Jingle Ball!
I am 29 years old, live in Forest Lake and am currently in the final stages of auditioning for a game show called Lets Ask America! I was asked to be on it after auditioning for Big brother this Spring. I am addicted to Dr Pepper and kit kats. Mother/Step-mother to 5 kids, 4 girls (20,19,8,6) and FINALLY a boy who is 1 1/2! I have 2 grandsons, one born in April and one just last Friday! I work at a wound clinic- Tuesdays are the butt wounds....barf!!!!! I feel like I am besties with all 3 of you and probably know way more about you guys than my actual friends.
Dave will know me as *Sarah* and Steve will know me as the girl he called a stalker when I tweeted that I could see him while waiting in line at McDonalds a few weeks back! Falen- well, I'm still working on that...uhm, friendship for lack of a better term! Haha I am super short- 5'1, and I LOVE IT! I love life, no matter what life throws my way!!
My kids are my mini me's and I am addicted to taking pictures next to tall people and eating oversized food!"

Here's what Sarah looks like!

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