It's a beautiful day here in Birmingham, however, two more tragic stories cropped up this morning.  First off, there was another shooting in a military camp, this time at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.  One guard was killed, but they are not sure if this was an intentional act of violence or an accident.

Also, there was a stabbing in Pennsylvania at a high school in Murrysville.  No deaths, but 20 high school kids were injured, including four that were critically injured.  We'll have more on this tomorrow on the show.

Today was also the first day after Microsoft decided to stop supporting Windows XP.  We went over some of the tips to avoid having issues, but the main tip we can say is - GET A NEW COMPUTER!  For more tips on what you can do to protect yourself, check out this great article on leading tech site Mashable.

We also talked about President Obama's speech yesterday as he talked to Congress and others about trying to get equal pay for women in the workplace.  Studies say that women earn about $0.77 to every dollar that men earn.  We talked to Blake Neff from The Hill newspaper about what is going on with capital hill with this debate.

And we also talked to candidate Dr. Chad Mathis about his campaign for the 6th Congressional District seat which will be vacated this year.  He will be at our candidate forum at Hoover High School on April 21.