It's going to be another warm day today, and the hot news of the day was on the Supreme Court's decision to not ban prayer in government meetings.

We talked to Jared Halpern of Fox News who was in the Supreme Court meetings when they happened a few months ago, and got his thoughts on what exactly this ruling means in the future.

Also, Stewart Welch joined us as he does every Tuesday, and talked about the 7 steps that a new graduate can follow to help themselves get a job out of college.

Kyle Olsen, who has co-authored a book called "Conform" with Glenn Beck, joined the show to talk about the book and what he's found out about educational issues such as Common Core.

And finally, we also talked to Allan Saxe from UT Arlington, about how many Millennials might sit out the mid-term elections this fall.

We also talked about a disgusting story up in Florence, AL about child abuse and a couple who is finally being put away over it.  If you ever see an issue like this, make sure to call 1-800-THE-LOST.

We'll be back on a hump day tomorrow, with all the latest around Birmingham, the nation, and the world.