Bentley Tries to Suppress Impeachment Report

Lawyers for embattled Gov. Robert Bentley Friday launched an eleventh hour effort to block the release of an impeachment report.   The attorneys asked a judge in Montgomery to issue a temporary restraining order.   The report, compiled by the special counsel for the House Judiciary Committee, is expected to contain damaging and embarrassing revelations about Bentley, who faces charges he misused state resources while pursuing an affair with a former aide, Rebekah Mason.  Montgomery County Crcuit Judge Roman Shaul, a Bentley appointee, indicated that he was leaning toward allowing release of the report.   In a hastily called press conference, Bentley again said he had no intentions of resigning, and asked for forgiveness.   Bentley is facing calls for his resignation at the highest levels of his party.  On Friday,  Alabama House Speaker Mac McCutcheon (R-Monrovia) called on the governor to resign immediately.    His statement came a day after Senate president pro-tem Del Marsh (R-Anniston) said Bentley should step down.


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