Zeigler: Return Wallace Portraits

State Auditor Jim Zeigler is asking Gov. Kay Ivey to reverse a controversial decision by the previous administration.  Ziegler is requesting Ivey restore the portraits of Govs. George and Lurleen Wallace "to their legal and historical place in the Capitol rotunda."   The portraits were removed by the administration of disgraced former Gov. Robert Bentley in 2015.   The Alabama Legislature passed joint resolutions in 1983 requiring the  portraits to remain in the rotunda.   Zeigler repeatedly asked the Bentley administration to return the portraits, to no avail.   There was no immediate response from Ivey,  who has said she considers Gov. Lurleen Wallace a mentor.   In his letter to Ivey, Zeigler said:  "What a wonderful tribute it would be to Alabama‚Äôs first female governor to have you, as our second female governor, right this wrong and restore the Wallace portraits to their historical and legal place."


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