Hueytown Principal Arrested

The principal of Hueytown High School turned himself in to police Tuesday, to face charges stemming from an investigation of an employee.  Police say Joe Garner, 47, failed to report allegations a female teacher was having inappropriate relationships with students, and lied to detectives about it.   School superintendent Craig Pouncey says it comes as a surprise, adding that Garner, a former policeman, has been a "staunch advocate" of children's safety and welfare.  Pouncey suggested the arrest could be payback for an ongoing feud between Garner and a Hueytown police officer.   Hueytown police chief Chuck Hagler called that assertion ridiculous.   "There's a reason that they educate people, and we investigate crimes," Hagler said.  "They're two separate professions."  Garner is charged with obstruction of governmental operation, and failure to report.  Both charges are misdemeanors.  Garner was also wanted on a bad check charge.  Bail was set at $8,500.


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