Deputy Involved in Fatal Shooting

A Jefferson County sheriff's deputy Tuesday shot and killed a suspect in Clay, the sheriff's office said.  Deputies were called to the 6300 Clay-Palmerdale Road on a complaint about 32-year old Daniel Reid, who was accused of threatening neighbors with a gun.   The sheriff's office says the man was combative, and deputies responded by attempting to stun him with a Taser.  Reid was not affected, and wrestled a Taser from a deputy, investigators said.   He then used it to tase the deputy, who responded by shooting the man twice, the sheriff's office said.  The man, though wounded, continued to advance toward deputies, leading a deputy to the third and fatal shot, authorities said.  The deputies were not injured.  The state law enforcement agency will handle the investigation.   Chief Deputy Randy Christian said it appeared Reid had a history of mental illness.


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