Illegal Immigrants Indicted

A federal grand jury indicted 10 men for being in the United States illegally after previous deportation, the Justice Department announced Friday.    Acting U.S. Attorney Robert Posey says six had been removed from the country following a felony conviction.   

According to the separate indictments filed in U.S. District Court, the men were removed from the United States as follows:

39-year old Armando Israel Escobar-Jackes, in 2007, 2008, 2009, twice in 2011 and, subsequent to a felony conviction, in 2012. He most recently was found in Jefferson County on May 25.

29-year old Margarito Martinez-Martinez, in 2014 following an aggravated felony conviction. Found in Tuscaloosa County on June 11.

39-year old Nestor Daniel Morales-Gutierrez, a citizen of Mexico, in 2009 following a felony conviction. Found in Jackson County on June 19.

39-year old Silvio Santos-Garcia, in 2015 following a felony conviction. Found in Madison County on July 12.

32-year old Jesus Velasquez-Garcia,  twice in 2012, one following a felony conviction. Found in Shelby County on July 5.   Velasquez-Garcia and the others are Mexican nationals.

38-year old Julio Gaspar-Rodriguez, a Guatemalan national, in 2001 and, following an aggravated felony conviction, in 2010 and 2011. Found in Jackson County on June 22.

The four other defendants indicted for re-entry after previous removal are:  

34-year old Wilmer Diaz-Deleon in 2013. He most recently was found in Morgan County on June 30.

31-year old Leonardo Luna in 2016 and three times in 2012. Found in Blount County on June 25.

40-year old Timoteo Montejo-Sanchez four times in 2011. Found in Jefferson County on July 14.

32-year old Cleider Alex Rojas-Roulro in 2016. Found in Marshall County on June 10.

All four of those suspects are citizens of Mexico.

 ICE investigated the cases, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Alabama is prosecuting.

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