State of Emergency Declared in Alabama

Gov. Kay Ivey Friday declared a State of Emergency ahead of Hurricane Irma's expected arrival in Florida.  Ivey issued the declaration following a conference call with state agencies.  

The governor issued the following statement:

"We continue to closely monitor the path of Hurricane Irma.  Although at this point is does not appear that Alabama will face the brunt of the storm, we will certainly be affected and we must be ready to respond, no matter what comes our way,”  Ivey said.  “By declaring a full State of Emergency we are ensuring that all resources and personnel are in place to respond, in the event they are needed here in Alabama or elsewhere.  All Alabamians should remain weather aware and follow all guidance from their local officials," Ivey said.

"This State of Emergency, which takes effect immediately, activates the State Emergency Operations Center and Emergency Operations Plan."

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