Regularly Scheduled Newscast 2018 Leah Brandon

Leah Brandon Newscast 2018
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Best Regularly Scheduled Newscast 2018 Leah Brandon:

Leah Brandon anchors all local newscasts inside WERC’s Morning Show, “Alabama’s Morning News with JT” weekday mornings 6-9 and all local casts inside the Glenn Beck show 9-11am on WERC.  Her Local Newscast at the top of the hour follows traffic, weather and network (National) news. The following is an aircheck of Leah’s  9:00 AM Newscast on Friday, February 3rd 2017.  She strives to serve our listeners daily by selecting stories she thinks will be helpful to them, and telling those stories in an informative and entertaining way.  


            Her First story (as teased) was the death of Charles Lee Brown. 

            Second story: A package from WERC News Director Jim Faherty on the upcoming Alabama Legislative session.  

Third Story: A mix-up involving bodies leads to a lawsuit in Cherokee County.    

            Fourth Story: The arrest of a bank Robber who has been on the run since last year.

            Fifth Story: Alabama’s Secretary of State reacts to accusations that our governor was misusing campaign funds.  The Governor would step down later that month.  


Credit: anchor Leah Brandon

Contest: 2018 ABBYs Category R12

Station NewsRadio 105-5 WERC

Large Market: Birmingham

Submitter: John Mountz

Contact, 205-439-8155