Radio News Reporter of the Year 2018 Angie Norvell

Alabama Radio News Reporter of the Year 2018: Angie Norvell
Alabama Radio News Reporter of the Year 2018: Angie Norvell Snippit

Alabama Radio News Reporter of the Year 2018: Angie Norvell

Angie Norvell is a hardworking news anchor and reporter with the largest radio news team in the state. Not only does she report for WERC-FM but she also files many of her local stories for use on the Alabama Radio Network.   A montage of Angie's reporting here:



 The first story about Bill Pryor…an Alabama judge who was on the list of people President Trump was considering to replace the late Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court

The second story is on Waffle House as a great destination for Valentine’s Day…with candlelight and white tablecloth service

The third story is about the Talladega Marching Tornadoes. The marching band from the historically black college was invited to perform at President Trump’s inauguration…and began fundraising for the 75 thousand needed for their trip. They got social media backlash. When the university president appeared on Fox News…the fund went up to 589 thousand at the time of this story. They ended up with 620 thousand dollars total.

The fourth story concerns the University of Alabama making the Princeton Review’s annual list of schools in the U.S. that “party”

The fifth story is about a man in the Homewood neighborhood who got a hate letter about his Christmas lights that he kept up for safety for kids in the area. He got a hate letter about it. Up to 40 neighbors responded in support of the elderly man, keeping up their Christmas lights too.

The sixth story submitted concerns a new reality show looking for women to be a part of “Redneck Housewives of Alabama”.

The seventh story is about actress Sally Field and an invitation to visit Tuscaloosa, Alabama after she made some less than flattering comments about the city when talking about her role in the film “Forrest Gump”

The eighth story submitted concerns a Shelby County woman who faked having cancer…and set up Go Fund Me Accounts, taking thousands of dollars from duped donators.

The ninth story concerns a lawsuit concerns red light cameras and a lawsuit against the city of Montgomery over the pictures taken by these cameras.

Credit: Angie Norvell

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