StormWatch: Winter Weather (January 8)

FIRST ALERT UPDATE: Chance of snow Tuesday, then a hard freeze midweek (courtesy of WBRC Fox 6 News):


FIRST ALERT FOR SNOW IMPACTS TUESDAY: The new model data is still suggesting a period of light snow late Tuesday and Tuesday night. 

This snow would occur in our area between 1 p.m. and 11 p.m. but the impacts could linger into Wednesday morning. 

Temperatures will only top out in the 20s in many areas Tuesday, especially north of I-20 as a frigid arctic air mass settles in. Any precipitation that falls could easily cause trouble spots, especially Tuesday night as temperatures tumble into the teens. Forecast data suggests lighter snow totals, but given the high snow to liquid ratios, even minimal moisture would result in snow accumulations. So confidence levels are increasing in winter precipitation impacts on Tuesday.

Closings + Delays (courtesy of WBRC Fox 6 News):

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