Large Market: R11. Public Affairs Program

Viewpoint Alabama Makes the “Big Pitch.”
Viewpoint Alabama Makes the “Big Pitch.” Snippit

2018 ABBY submission

Large Market: R11. Public Affairs Program

NewsRadio 105-5 WERC

Credit Leah Brandon, John Mountz                                                   

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Title of Submission:  Viewpoint Alabama Makes the “Big Pitch.”

News-Radio 105-5 WERC takes its commitment to public affairs programming very seriously.  We believe that public affairs programing should not only be informative but also uplifting to the community.  Each week we search Alabama looking for stories that spotlight contributions from local citizens who strive to empower others to reach their full potential. 

Big Pitch is a local contest that encourages young urban entrepreneurs in the Birmingham area to make a presentation asserting their business is deserving of the grand prize consisting of $40,000 of start-up capital, Working space, advice and legal services to make their small business a reality, and take it to the next level.

When Leah Brandon found out about this local contest that stands to benefit not only budding Birmingham small businesses, but the community as well, she knew she had to tell the story for viewpoint.  Better yet, she wanted these entrepreneurs to tell the story.  Leah reached out to Rev Birmingham to gain unfettered access to the event, which they graciously granted.  Leah and our engineers recorded the entire 3 hour event and then edited it down to :30 minutes which were presented as our Viewpoint on Sunday November 26th. 

The 14:23 segment submitted was edited for time from the original 30:00 segment.

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