Best Regularly Scheduled Newscast Brigette Cannon

ABBY 2018 WERC R12 Brigette Canon
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Best Regularly Scheduled Newscast Brigette Cannon

Brigette Cannon is a radio veteran having been in the business for almost 30 years. In addition to being the Morning News Anchor for iheart's WERC-AM, and the Alabama Radio Network, she also co-hosts The Myriad Gospel Music Countdown, a syndicated radio program heard all over the country and in Birmingham on iheart's Hallelujah 105.1 Her passion is speaking to and encouraging youth.


This submission is a typical newscast from WERC-AM.  It aired the morning of Monday February 6th 2017 at 6:30 AM. 


First item: A Raid on a Dog Fighting ring no South Alabama. 

Second item: A GA Commissioner apologizing for attacking Civil Rights leader George Lewis. 

Third item: Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman will not be pardoned by President Obama.

Fourth item: Road crews in Wetumka are working to fix the roads ahead of the weather.

Fifth item: Huntsville Police are looking for the cause of a pedestrian death.

Sixth Item:  Two men in Auburn are facing charges for auto burglaries

Seventh Item: A missing hunter was actually in jail


Then sports, leading with the Super bowl from last night, and the performance of former Alabama Crimson tide winner Julio Jones. 


Credit: Brigette Cannon

Contest: 2018 ABBYs Category R12

Station NewsRadio 105.5 WERC

Large Market: Birmingham

Submitter: John Mountz

Contact , 205-439-8155

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