From the Gadsden Mall to Great Britain

Gadsden's Morning News with Wade Smith
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2018 ABBY submission

Medium Market: R14 Talk Show of the Year: Gadsden’s Morning news with Wade Smith

NewsTalk 570 BIG WAAX

Credit Wade Smith, John Mountz

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Title of Submission:  From the Gadsden Mall to Great Britain…and Everything in Between

Each morning, Gadsden’s Morning News with Wade Smith brings listeners in the Gadsden/Anniston area their local news, weather, sports, and entertainment for the day. From topics including the local schools systems all the way up to National News in Washington D.C., Gadsden’s Morning News covers it all.

Wade Smith accomplishes all of this in a warm and friendly way, casting a wide net to bring in listeners from all formats.  In doing so, the show goes beyond the typical appeal of a news-talk show to become a destination for listeners of all formats who seek relevant and useful information in a timely manner. Wade cares about the community and strives every day to bring the news and values to the listener that can make them the best neighbor possible. 

The audio submission includes –

NEWS: In the shadow of the Gadsden Mall – where many allegations were born - the Talk of Gadsden this year was all about Judge Roy Moore and his candidacy for the open Senate seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Wade’s stance on Judge Roy Moore led to national attention for Gadsden’s Morning News and News Talk 570 Big WAAX. Examples of Wade’s take, a national TV hit, and an International Radio hit are provided along with links to the full interviews as well.

WEATHER: We dealt with some winter weather in 2017. Gadsden’s Morning News with Wade Smith was always there for the listeners. Providing school closures and road updates every day potential issues were around the listening area.

SPORTS: While Alabama, Auburn, and others are big topics…parents in Gadsden want to know about the teams their kids are a part of – so every Friday, Wade brings a local update to what is going on with High School Sports.

ENTERTAINMENT: And Sometimes you just have to get away from the red meat of the day and have a laugh. Wade shows off an example of just this.

Audio Submission:

Interview with FoxNews Television 1:

Interview with FoxNews Television 2:

Interview in Great Britain 1:

Interview in Great Britain 2:

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