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R14: Alabama’s Morning news with JT
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2018 ABBY submission

Large Market: R14 Talk Show of the Year: Alabama’s Morning news with JT

NewsRadio 105-5 WERC

Credit Jeff “JT” Tyson, Leah Brandon, Wade Smith, John Mountz

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Title of Submission:  Candidates Old and New Bring a Change to Birmingham…

Each morning, Alabama’s Morning News with JT uses the resources of Alabama’s largest radio news team, combined with cutting edge entertaining and informative interviews to bring Birmingham drivers everything they need to know before they get to work.  The program does traffic and weather 6 times an hour, and featured interviews with the biggest newsmakers on issues that matter to Birmingham.  JT accomplishes all of this in a warm and friendly non-confrontational way, casting a wide net to bring in listeners from all formats.  In doing so, the show goes beyond the typical appeal of a news-talk show to become a destination for listeners of all formats who seek relevant and useful information in a timely manner. 

The City of Birmingham and the State of Alabama faced many major issues in 2017. Alabama’s Morning News with JT strives to bring our listeners the most up to date news and happenings from our listening area and beyond. Montgomery may be only 90 miles from our studios but sometimes it can seem a world away when news is happening right here at home. JT and his team have cultivated many sources and on the ground reporters to make sure that news does not get lost in the shuffle.

Included in our audio submission:

The City of Birmingham elected a brand new mayor in 2017. The youthful and energetic Randall Woodfin. JT had the opportunity to speak with Mayor Woodfin on the day of his inauguration. JT and Mayor Woodfin are friends and have a very good working relationship – this allows for our listeners to always have the chance to hear from their Mayor when major news arises.

Before Mayor Woodfin took the big chair, Birmingham had an identity crisis on their hands. Sanctuary City or Not? JT reached out to Birmingham City Council Member Kim Rafferty to get the inside look on what was happening behind closed doors of meetings discussing just this.

The Governor’s Race will be one of the biggest stories in 2018 but our listeners want to hear from the candidates now. JT brought in Governor Candidate Scott Dawson to discuss not only the future Governor’s race, but additionally his thoughts on Judge Roy Moore’s campaign for the special senate election.

Lastly, Alabama’s Morning News with JT spoke with the man himself – Judge Roy Moore on election day 2017. JT asked him the tough questions…and Judge Moore never backed off his usual stance.

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