Sheriff Responds to Cobb

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office defended an arrest that's shaken up the governor's race.   Democratic candidate Sue Bell Cobb Friday called the arrest of her Jefferson County field director, Paul Littlejohn, "a targeted political attack."   The sheriff's office says Littlejohn -- a convicted rapist -- violated the law by failing to report his job at a church, which operates a daycare and is located by a school.   It is illegal for sex offenders to work or live near schools or daycares.  Chief Deputy Randy Christian said the office's Sex Offender Unit saw a newspaper article about Littlejohn, and went to the church to verify his employment.   "He had not told us anything about working at a church," Christian said.   "So they got a warrant on him."   Sheriff Mike Hale said the rules are simple:  "Don't be a sex offender, and work around a daycare or school.  Just don't do it!"  Hale said it's important for campaigns to do background checks on employees.  "This was self-inflicted, that's for sure," Hale said.  Noting that Bell said her thoughts and prayers are with Littlejohn, Christian replied that the thoughts and prayers of the sheriff's office are with the victims.


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