A Tax Increase in Hoover?

During Alabama’s Morning News with JT, Hoover Mayor Frank Brocado makes a plea for the need to find new revenue in Hoover.

Mayor Brocado explains that the rise of online shopping from places like Amazon, along with competition from retailers in communities surrounding Hoover, the city is unable to bring in the money it used to.

He proposes razing the lodging tax from 3 to 6 percent, and increasing the sales by a cent. 

The Mayor estimates his proposed increases will bring in an additional $22 million dollars every year for the city. 

Last night, the Hoover City Council offered a counter proposal of only a half a cent increase in the sales tax.

You can hear the complete interview from Alabama’s Morning News with Mayor Brocado and Hoover CFO Dr. Melinda Lopez in our podcast.

Photo: NewsRadio 105-5 WERC Staff Photographer


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