Business Owner Charged with Arson Blames Stress

Derrick Duane Maddox of Hoover, owner of Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes and Fries on McFarland Boulevard, told investigators his mother's ailing health and employees who did not show up to work, made him want to be "done with it". Maddox told investigators he was visiting his sick mother when he got a call from a manager saying no employees showed up for work. When he arrived, the manager left. Maddox says the stress led him to unloading gas cans in the store...with the help of a regular customer. He says he then had second thoughts, and asked that man to leave. Maddox says he locked the door and tried to clean up, but the gas "spontaneously" ignited. He suffered second degree burns. Maddox is charged with arson. He is out of jail on bond. 


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