Alabama, Roy Moore, Target of National Ridicule

Roy Moore Sacha Baron Cohen

Photo: YouTube

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen takes aim at the state of Alabama and Former US Senate Candidate Roy Moore in a sketch on his Showtime series “Who is America” Sunday night.

Cohen’s character posed as a Israeli reporter who interviewed Moore under the guise of congratulating him for his support of Israel. The sketch took an unexpected turn, when Cohen produced a device which he explained to Moore was capable of detecting Pedophiles.

Moore lost a special election for the Senate seat formerly held by Jeff Sessions to Doug Jones last year in large part due to accusations from multiple women claiming Moore made unwanted sexual advances towards them in the past.

As the segment between Cohen and Moore unfolded, Cohen’s device made beeping noises when it was placed near Moore.  Moore made the statement “"If this is an instrument, then it's certainly... I'm not a pedophile, okay? Maybe Israeli technology hasn't developed properly.”  He then abruptly ended the interview with Cohen.

Watch the full segment here

This is not the first time Cohen has made jabs at the state of Alabama.  In his satirical film “Borat,” he created a scene featuring Birmingham etiquette specialist Cindy Streit.

Moore is threatening legal action against Sacha Baron Cohen, adding his name to the list of political figures who say they were duped into appearing on the British comedian’s new show.

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