Bentley Gearing Up To "Make Alabama Gag Again"?

Ex-Governor Robert Bentley has re-launched the "Bentley For America" website and social media accounts. 

Bill Britt with tells Alabama's Morning News with JT that Bentley may be considering a run against Doug Jones in the next Senate election. "I mean, I think there's no chance but this guy is delusional".  

Britt has looked through Bentley's testimony in a recent deposition and says Bentley was forced to admit he is still funneling money to his former mistress, Rebekah Mason. "He admitted he is paying her $5000 a month to be his office manager at the Dermatology practice". 

In reviewing Bentley's deposition, Britt notes a very arrogant statement. "He says the only thing he did wrong was apologize to the people of Alabama because he never did anything wrong and doesn't even know why he apologized". 

Britt has a ready-made slogan should Bentley launch a new political campaign. " It's not Make America Great Again, it's Make Alabama Gag Again". 

Photo: Bentley Mugshot from Montgomery County Jail 

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