Alabama's Attorney General Speaks at White House

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall Monday participated in a White House forum on border security.   Marshall, a Republican, said border security is a major concern:

“Due to our state’s proximity to Atlanta, a major distribution point for drugs, and to Texas, a border state, Alabama has become a prime transit point for drug trafficking,” said Marshall. “We see marijuana, cocaine, meth, and now illicit fentanyl coming into our state as a result. The drug trade brings dangerous and violent illegal aliens into Alabama. Just this summer, our state was rocked by the brutal murder of a special needs 13-year-old girl—killed by affiliates of the Mexican drug cartel.  I am grateful to the President and the White House for allowing me to share the observations of Alabama law enforcement and our citizens.”

Marshall also hailed the work of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

“As the chief law enforcement officer of the State of Alabama, I want to thank each member of ICE and CBP for your courage and your loyalty to enforcing the laws of this country in the face of irresponsible rhetoric and meritless attacks.  The people of Alabama thank you, too.  The work of ICE and CBP has a direct connection to the safety of the citizenry that extends far beyond those states that are on the border."

Marshall was also a guest at a ceremony in the East Room, in which President Trump honored ICE and CBP agents.

Photo:  White House

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