Ivey, Maddox Differ on Ten Commandments

The candidates for governor are at odds over a proposed state constitutional amendment authorizing Ten Commandments displays in public places, including schools.    Gov. Kay Ivey endorsed the measure.  "I think it's fine to put the Ten Commandments in public places," Ivey while attending a state convention of county commissioners in Orange Beach.  "Goodness knows, we need to keep the good Lord, and our God Almighty at the forefront of our lives, or else we never will succeed."   Ivey's Democratic challenger, Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox, opposed the idea:  "It's about a political ploy, and that's going to ultimately going to ultimately end us up to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayers' money," Maddox said, referring to possible costs of defending the proposal from legal challenges.   The proposed amendment will appear on the November ballot.


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