Alabama Deems Schoolyard Games Inappropriate

They're games American children have played for generations.   But some bureaucrats claim those games are "inappropriate."   A guidance document from the Alabama State Department of Education advises physical education teachers to avoid Red Rover, tag, dodgeball, kickball, tug of war, and other games.   

About Duck, Duck Goose, the following opinion was offered:

"A game of minimal participation; the chosen 'goose' attempts to get up from a sitting position and try to catch the 'ducker' who only has to go about 60 feet and already has a full running head start.  Everyone else just sits and screams at ear-shattering pitch and decibel levels."

The bureaucrats were no kinder to Musical Chairs:

"A classic elimination game in which the least skilled and least attentive students and immediately eliminated and then sent to improve their abilities by sitting on the floor, spinning mindlessly in circles and waiting 15 minutes for the winner (almost always the same student) to be determined."

Similarly negative assessments were offered for other games.    The document was issued two years ago, but only gained notoriety this week after it was shared on social media.    State school superintendent Eric Mackey distanced himself from the list, saying he trusts teachers to determine which games should be played in P.E. classes.

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