Ivey Blocks Early Paroles

Gov. Kay Ivey Monday issued an order blocking early paroles, amid concerns the state was releasing dangerous criminals, who are committing new crimes.   Ivey took the action after she and state Attorney General Steve Marshall met with members of the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles.  Ivey said she was "disappointed" with answers they received from the three board members. who she said failed to give detailed information about the process, and relied heavily on the advice of staff and committees when deciding who should receive early parole.   Ivey also removed the board's chairman, Cliff Walker, and appointed former Tuscaloosa County district attorney Lyn Head as his successor.  The board has come under heavy criticism, following the case of Jimmy Spencer, who is accused of murdering a child and two women in Guntersville following his release from prison.  "It's obvious we need a new approach," Ivey said.  "Somebody at the lower level, and recommended it go up the chain, and when the file got to the board members, they approved it.   That's just not acceptable."   Ivey's order gives the board 30 days to develop a corrective action plan, and submit it to Marshall, who applauded the governor's move.   "When I talk to prosecutors ... they have seen more of those violent offenders that are showing up, and that's unacceptable" Marshall said.    


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