Sheriff Hale Donates Radios to Police Departments

Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale Wednesday donated used radios to local police departments in need of communications equipment.  The sheriff says walkie-talkies, car radios, and base units are going to seven police departments:  Brookside, Warrior, Kimberly, Morris, Trafford, Brighton, and Lipscomb.   

In addition to improving communications within the agencies, Hale says  those departments will now be able to communicate with each other.   "That's really, really a big deal," Hale said.    "Maybe a chase going from one jurisdiction to another, now they have the ability to talk to each other."   Hale said that will also be valuable during natural disasters, like tornadoes.   

The police chiefs expressed appreciation, saying the equipment will be a great help, as they work to keep the public safe.  Brighton police chief Larry Woods says  his officers didn't even have radios.  He says the sheriff also donated patrol cars.  "I hope the citizens of Brighton realize what the sheriff has done with providing cars and radios to the city of Brighton," Woods said.   "He's just been the biggest blessing."


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