Independent Autopsy Reveals EJ Bradford Jr. Shot Was In The Back

Source: WBRCFox 6

“We believe based on this forensic evidence that this officer should be charged with a crime,” Those were the words of Benjamin Crump, the attorney retained by the family of EJ Bradford, the man killed on Thanksgiving at the Galleria following an exchange of gun fire.

In a press conference today in Hoover, Crump presented the findings of an independent autopsy that was performed at the request of the Bradford Family. 

This autopsy showed that three shots stuck Bradford.  One shot entered the back of the head and exited through his left eye.  It was the injury from this bullet which caused initial reports that he was shot in the face.

Another bullet entered his neck and lodged in his tonsils and yet another shot struck Bradford’s hip.

The conclusion made in the review that was commissioned by the family was that EJ’s death was “a homicide.”

“My son was murdered.” Declared Emantic Bradford Senior. “Three times my son was shot. He did not pose a threat to you. You could have taken him down without firing a shot.”

“Heads have got to roll, from top to the bottom” declared Anthony Thomas, Bradford Jr.s uncle. He urges the officer who fired these shorts should be charged with capital murder.

Prior to the press conference from the Bradford, Hoover announced that it would not be prematurely releasing information on the shooting, including the body camera footage. 

Here is the statement that the city of Hoover issued after today’s news conference. 

Source: City of Hoover

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