Video Will Clear Accused Galleria Gunman: Attorney

Accused Galleria gunman Erron Brown is not guilty, and will be cleared of wrongdoing by video of the incident, his attorney said Wednesday.   A judge has ordered authorities to turn over all evidence against Brown, who is charged with attempted murder in the shooting of Brian Wilson, 18.     

Defense attorney Charles Salvagio said the motive for the shooting stemmed from an ongoing dispute.  "People are saying this was about  a pair of shoes,"  Salvagio said.  "This was not about a pair of shoes.  These people knew each other."  Video will show Brown, 20, was not the aggressor, Salvagio claimed.

The gunfire led to the fatal police shooting of Emantic "EJ" Bradford Jr., 21, who police say had a gun, but did not fire the initial shots.    Police have not said who fired the shot that injured a 12-year old bystander.

The Thanksgiving night incident touched off a series of protests that have roiled the city.  Hoover police Wednesday declared that demonstrations would not be permitted on school property, after protest leaders floated the idea.   Police also pledged to "ensure the free flow of traffic," following demonstrations on major thoroughfares.

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