Hoover Changing Tactics on Protests

A top Hoover official Friday said the city would be changing its strategy for handling protests, following a demonstration in which two people were reported injured.   "We had two primary goals:  One was that no one would be injured in the city of Hoover, and the second one was that no property would be damaged or destroyed," City Administrator Allen Rice said.   "Unfortunately, we have had two injuries ... and we'll have to adjust our plan accordingly."    He said the city had tried to avoid making arrests at "the drop of a hat."    But the latest events appeared to force the city's hand, leading to a new approach in which officers would be free to make arrests when necessary to maintain law and order.

Two security guards at the Renaissance Birmingham Ross Bridge Golf Resort said they were injured when protesters stormed the property Thursday night.   One guard said he suffered an arm injury while trying to keep the lobby doors closed as  protesters forced their way in.   The second security guard reported a knee injury, which he said occurred when a protester knocked him over while  entering a stairwell.    

The demonstrators, numbering about 80, chanted in the lobby, then ran through hallways with guest rooms chanting and pulling fire alarms, hotel employees said.     Hoover police arrived and removed protesters from the property.    


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