Marshall Takes Over Galleria Cases

New developments in the Galleria shooting investigation.   Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall Thursday removed newly-elected Democratic Jefferson County District Attorney Danny Carr from all cases related to the shooting,  citing the appearance of a conflict of interest.   Marshall says Carr knows protest leaders, including Carlos Chaverst, which presents the appearance of a conflict of interest.   

The attorney general said Carr sent him a letter that said he recognized "a fair-minded objective observer could conclude that a conflict exists."  Chaverst had posted photos of himself  with  Carr on social media, and made statements suggesting he played a role in Carr's election.     

After Marshall's announcement, Chaverst denied having a personal relationship with Carr, but said he had one with Marshall, then called on the attorney general to recuse himself.   To support his claim,  Chaverst presented a photograph of himself and Marshall.   Marshall's office said the photo was from last year, when Marshall appeared at a Safe School Award presentation in Birmingham, and Chaverst was there to protest him.  

Marshall said there are three cases related to the shooting Thanksgiving evening at the Hoover mall.  The first one relates to the fatal police shooting of 21-year old Emantic "EJ" Bradford, Jr.   The second case involves Erron Brown, who is charged with the attempted murder of Brian Wilson, 18.    Marshall said the third case is focused on the shooting that injured a 12-year old girl, for which no one has been charged.

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