Radio News Reporter of the Year 2019 Angie Norvell

Alabama Radio News Reporter of the Year 2019: Angie Norvell

Angie Norvell is a hardworking news anchor and reporter with the largest radio news team in the state. Not only does she report for WERC-FM but she also files many of her local stories for use on the Alabama Radio Network.   A small montage of Angie's depth and range of reporting is found here. 



 The first clip features Afternoon Anchor Jim Faherty Pitching to Angie’s March 19th report of an officer who was injured in the line of duty.  The officer was nearly crushed by his own police cruiser when an intoxicated man who was speeding lost control and struck the officers vehicle.  At the time the officer was outside the vehicle rendering aid to a citizen on the side of the road.  The officer was nearly crushed by his own cruiser. 

The second clip features one of Angie’s live reports from our election coverage of the July 2018 primaries in Alabama.  Her report includes sound from many local news-makers, which she gathered earlier that day. 

The third story was a rather humorous story surrounding the apprehension of a “naked sweaty Man” who bit an officer, claiming he was possessed by the devil.

The fourth story breaks the story of a business owner who admitted that he burned his business down because he “wanted to be done with it all”

The fifth story is of the University of Alabama’s Quarterback who is of Hawaiian ancestry and all the people from that state who are now claiming they are related to him, now that he is famous.

The sixth story is one of Angie’s reports on the protesters who have been continuing to demonstrate their frustration at the Hoover police department’s refusal to disclose the name of the officer who shot and killed a young Black man in the Galleria Mall.  

The seventh piece of audio is a package Angie submitted for use by afternoon Anchor Jim Faherty on tomorrow’s SEC championship game.  Alabama would go on to win this match up.


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