Elections and Severe Weather That’s What Wade Does

Medium Market: R15 Talk Show of the Year: Gadsden’s Morning News with Wade Smith

Each morning, Gadsden’s Morning News with Wade Smith brings listeners in the Gadsden/Anniston area their local news, weather, sports, and entertainment for the day. From topics including the local school systems all the way up to National News in Washington D.C., Gadsden’s Morning News covers it all.

Wade accomplishes all of this in a warm and friendly way, casting a wide net to bring in listeners from all formats.  In doing so, the show goes beyond the typical appeal of a news-talk show to become a destination for listeners of all formats who seek relevant and useful information in a timely manner. Wade cares about the community and strives every day to bring the news and values to the listener that can make them the best neighbor possible. 

The audio submission included shows off Wade’s ability to stay hyper local with severe weather coverage as it happens while still covering the National Midterm Elections happening on the same day.

The First Segment hits these points all at once. Wade weaves in a preview of school closures and the election and leads into the major sound bite of the day.

Next Wade discusses the schools in the area already directly affected by delays and closures so that Parents will know their best plan for the day.

Wade additionally makes sure that all of his listeners know about their local elections and where to find the best information about all of the major races during the midterms.

Lastly, we take a listen to the day before Thanksgiving as Wade wishes all of our listeners a Happy Holiday with their family and friends.


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