Something New Every Morning

Each morning, Alabama’s Morning News with JT uses the resources of Alabama’s largest radio news team, combined with cutting edge entertaining and informative interviews to bring Birmingham drivers everything they need to know before they get to work.The program does traffic and weather 6 times an hour, and featured interviews with the biggest newsmakers on issues that matter to Birmingham. JT accomplishes all of this in a warm and friendly non-confrontational way, casting a wide net to bring in listeners from all formats.In doing so, the show goes beyond the typical appeal of a news-talk show to become a destination for listeners of all formats who seek relevant and useful information in a timely manner.

Alabama’s Morning News with JT brings a great combination of the top stories of the day mixed in with some entertaining guests and fun segments only the best morning shows can bring to the listener.

In the included submission, JT shows his ability to handle the big stories and lighten it up so listeners can get everything they need in one morning show.

First, JT talks with now retired Sheriff Mike Hale and Chief Deputy Randy Christian about a major murder scandal from early in 2018.

Next, Alabama’s Morning News welcomed in Coach Robbie Gibbons from Homewood. Coach Gibbons won the TV show Castaways and in the process lost 200 pounds. JT welcomes inspirational stories for his listeners to enjoy.

Events like Rock the South and other local festivals are always a big hit to the listeners of Alabama’s Morning News with JT.

And lastly, JT and Producer Wade like to have some fun any chance they can. In the final piece, Producer Wade selected some Theme Music for upcoming football games and JT was hearing them all for the first time.


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