Byrne Blasts "Barbaric" Abortion Efforts

An Alabama congressman is blasting efforts to expand legalized abortion. Reacting to events in New York and Virginia, Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-Fairhope) said he is "appalled" by what he called the states' "barbaric efforts." New York enacted a law allowing abortion up until the point of birth, and allowed the procedure to be performed by non-doctors. Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo celebrated passage of the bill by ordering One World Trade Center and other landmarks illuminated in pink light. In Virginia, GOP lawmakers defeated a Democrat-led effort to loosen late-term restrictions. Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam set off a firestorm of controversy with comments that, critics say, endorsed infanticide. Byrne decried the comments of Northam, Cuomo, and others.. "Every life is precious and worth fighting for, and it is heartbreaking to hear Democrats talking so casually about taking the life of a baby. We cannot sit back and allow this to stand," Byrne said. "We must speak out and take action, and I am exploring legislation to ensure these actions are treated exactly as they are: as the murder of a child." Byrne, who is pro-life, is considering a challenge to Sen. Doug Jones (D-Mountain Brook), who supports abortion rights. Asked by the "Daily Caller" whether he agreed with the New York law, Jones sidestepped the question. "I don't speak for New York," Jones said.


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