Zeigler: Execute All Cop Killers

State Auditor Jim Zeigler Monday called on President Trump to include in his State of the Union address a proposal requiring a death sentence for convicted cop killers. Zeigler -- a possible Republican Senate candidate -- spoke out following the murders of policemen in Birmingham and Mobile.

"We need an ‘express lane’ for executions such as Texas has – maybe stronger. We need to stop these 20- to 30-year delays in executions at taxpayer expense. Justice delayed is justice denied. These potential killers are not deterred by what may happen to them in 30 years. They are thinking of instant gratification in the next 30 minutes – or 30 seconds," Zeigler said. Federal law provides for a death sentence for murdering an officer involved in a federal investigation; Zeigler wants the law changed to cover the murder of an law enforcement officer.

Zeigler also called for bringing back public hangings for cop killers. "It would be more of a deterrent to the killing of officers if would-be killers witnessed others hanging in the public square. Nothing else makes them think. Maybe hanging would."

Zeigler said he e-mailed a letter to the President, and to "inside contacts in the Trump administration." President Trump delivers the State of the Union address Tuesday night.

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