Citing Trump Policies, U.S. Steel to Resume Major Fairfield Project

Citing better economic conditions resulting from President Donald Trump's trade policies, U.S. Steel Monday announced it was restarting a major project at the company's Fairfield Works. The move was expected to create hundreds of jobs. The electric arc furnace was first announced in 2015, during the Obama administration, but was put on hold because of unfavorable economic conditions. Jefferson County Commission president Jimmie Stephens hailed word of the project's revival. "This is exciting news," Stephens said. "We're looking at a $215-million dollar investment, 600 construction jobs that are going to begin immediately, and 150 permanent full-time jobs moving forward." U.S. Steel says the furnace will produce about 1.6 million tons of steel starting in 2020.

U.S. Steel President and CEO David Burritt, in a statement, said: "Thanks to the President’s strong trade actions and improved market conditions, support from the United Steelworkers and incentives from the State of Alabama and the Jefferson County Commission, we are excited to add EAF capabilities to our company’s footprint and provide sustainable tubular solutions for our customers."

Photo: Getty Images


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