Wheeler: Legislature Needs Term Limits

A call for term limits in the Legislature. State Rep. David Wheeler (R-Vestavia Hills) will introduce a bill setting a two-term maximum for state lawmakers. "I have been a long time supporter of term limits. It was one of the issues I was most asked about during the last campaign. Poll after poll shows that Americans overwhelmingly support them. I think this measure addresses that desire, without penalizing incumbents who have selflessly served our great state," Wheeler said. Under Wheeler's plan, the clock would start running on all lawmakers with the 2022 election. Lawmakers who were elected to fill an unexpired term would be allowed an additional two years. A member of the House who served two terms would be eligible to run for the Senate, and vice versa, Wheeler said. The bill is a proposed amendment to the state constitution. If passed by the Legislature, it would require the approval of voters in the 2020 election.


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