Senator: Investigate SPLC

Senators Arrive To Senate Intelligence Closed Briefing

Plunged into turmoil by a scandal, the liberal Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery now faces a possible investigation. The controversial organization is best known for compiling a list of what it deems to be "hate groups." But Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) says the SPLC is a political hate group, masquerading as a non-profit. "They've turned into a serial defamer of their (conservative) political opponents," Cotton told Fox News's Tucker Carlson. Cotton is asking the IRS to review the SPLC's tax-exempt status. "You have a $500-million dollar so-called charity that has systematic racial and sexist discrimination problems, and at the same time, it's simply using that money to target its political opponents. Tax-exempt organizations, by law, are barred from engaging in partisan political activity. The SPLC recently fired its founder, Morris Dees, while other top leaders resigned, following complaints of discrimination and sexual harassment from employees. "The Southern Poverty Law Center has become nothing but a racket," Cotton said.

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