Viral Video Shows Kids Excited To Meet The Grinch Get Terrified By Him

With the holiday season upon us, plenty of parents are taking their kids to see Santa. Many children are excited to chat with Old St. Nick, but some wind up being a little freaked out by the big guy in red. It's not uncommon to see a video or photo of a kid crying on Santa's lap. Now though, a clip is going viral because it shows children being terrified by a totally different Christmas character.

Ashley Bohl shared the video on Instagram, captioning it, "My kids couldn't wait to meet the Grinch this weekend! I'd say it went well."

It actually didn't go well.

The video shows the kids outside in Atco, New Jersey, in a big chair getting some holiday photos taken. Everything is going well until, from between two pine trees behind them, the Grinch approaches. His appearance alone is enough to scare the kids so much that they take off running.

Chances are that whenever they see a Grinch now, their hearts will race.

Photo: Getty Images

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